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Find balance with Bunbury’s brightest nature experiences

Couple walking dog on beach

Work-life balance is something we all aspire to achieve and while it can be challenging, living in Bunbury allows that aspiration to become a reality.

Being able to unwind after the daily grind of work is made all the more possible due to the abundance of nature-based attractions and activities right on our doorstep.

Did you know being in nature has a calming effect and can decrease anxiety and depression?

Spending as little as 15 minutes in nature is said to reduce cortisol levels by 16 per cent.

Studies have shown those who spend more time in nature than their urban-dwelling counterparts are more content.

It can improve your mood, contribute to higher life satisfaction and reinvigorate by restoring mental fatigue.

Maybe this is why Bunburians are known for their laissez-fare attitude – when your hometown is boarded by ocean and a nature reserve who wouldn’t be chill?

We all know we have some of the best beaches in the world, but we also have so much more than that.

Bunbury Skyline

From walking trails taking you through towering Tuart trees to short strolls through the iconic mangroves along Leschenault Inlet or dipping your toes into the Indian Ocean – there really is a vast array of natural beauty to find balance in.

Where else can you go from the office to the beach in under 10 minutes?

Or hop on your bike and cruise along a path network where you are privy to the view of not one, not two but three spectacular bodies of water – like Koombana Bay which is also the perfect location for a family to spend time making memories on a weekend.

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Shake of the day and hike the trails at the Maidens Reserve and you’ll bear witness to the most spectacular sunsets on the planet and the air is so fresh it’s impossible not to feel rejuvenated after.

We all know how important vitamin sea and vitamin D are to live a balanced life – that’s why so many of our locals head down to the beach for a pre-dawn swim to set them up for the day ahead.

Family riding bikes on urban bridge Kids riding bikes on wooden footbridge

The Big Swamp Wetlands is home to an array of native flora and fauna that you just wouldn’t see anywhere else at the one location and with the upgraded pathways being completed it is the perfect place for an early-morning or evening stroll. Each Saturday morning up to 100 locals take part in Parkrun which circumnavigates the wetlands.

The opportunities are endless – morning yoga at locations such as Wyalup-Rocky Point is a popular pastime to slow down as is beach meditation as you ground yourself with the gentle lull of the ocean and sea breeze kissing your skin.

Bushwalks through Manea Park have become the must-do activity in spring when the widlflowers are in bloom.

While the Tuart walk is another popular trail to become one with nature and lose yourself for an hour or so.

What is your favourite way to find balance in Bunbury?

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